“dizz knee land” – dada (1992)


This week, I spent some much needed vacation time joining my family during their trip to Disney World. I had been looking forward to this trip for months. It has been 13 years since I’ve been to Disney World and over a decade since I’ve been on a proper family vacation. I was eagerly awaiting to arrive at the House of Mouse. 

Disney World is an excellent example of proper city planning in action. Living in Chicago, recent news about the city not being able to contribute to pensions, pay debts, or even keep from having a poor credit rating can really make things a bummer sometimes. There is just so much to worry about. 

This is not the case with Disney World. If you’re not having fun, then something is medically happening or you are purposefully trying not to enjoy yourself. What I’m saying is that it is incredibly difficult to have a bad time there. Everything is so clean and efficient. Sure, it may be crowded at times but such disturbances are only temporary. The buildings and characters are fun. Even as an adult who lives alone and pays into a 401K, I was ridiculously excited when I met Mickey Mouse while eating dinner. The magic can be felt everything. 

Dada’s 1992 single “Dizz Knee Land” has been on my mind and appropriately so. It hasn’t just been on my mind for the superficial reason that the name Disney is implied in the song, but it captures the spirit, allure, and magic of the place. Though, in an admittedly sardonic way. 

In the song, the lyrics spell out the singer’s excitement that they are going to the happiest place on earth. “I’m going to Dizz Knee Land” is a clever throwback to that trope that a football player, after scoring the touchdown to win the big game, says he is celebrating by going to Disneyland. 

The reasons for the singer’s excitement is what truly makes this song so much fun. He’s consumed a fifth of gin, crashed his car, and gave the finger to President George H.W. Bush.  What better way to revel in those victories than going to the place one would go to celebrate any achievement. It is just really funny and entertaining that the reasons in this song are destructive and anti-authoritarian. Not only is it clever, but the juxtaposition present is very funny. 

Musically, the single is simple pop fun. To modern ears, the track sounds dated. There’s no mistaking that Dada were an early 90s band. The backing tracking is an alternative jam style that sounds recycled. It is incredibly entertaining but not anything that is challenging the musical norms of the time. Just get, dance, and don’t think about it. 

It has been a great week. I’ve enjoyed spending time with people and putting myself in a place that feels so removed from the world’s troubles. I’m not sure when the next time I’ll make it Disney World, but you can be sure it won’t be because I flipped off the president no matter how funny that might be.